Alishan Castle Peak Annex

Alishan Castle Peak Annex
Located in the Alishan Amusement Park, it offers 23 comfortable rooms, just like an art gallery, where you can enjoy the oil paintings of the boss.
The "Sakura Season" Hotel has a large number of rare cherry blossoms throughout Taiwan.
"Firefly" enjoys the entire rare firefly.
The owner of "Maple Leaf" carefully picked up a wide variety of maple leaves and enjoyed a memorable and relaxing holiday under the maple tree.
"Sunrise" is fortunate to see the sunrise and the sea and the stage with the stage, the moment of the breathtaking scenery of Alishan,
"Alishan Train" is the only forest railway left in Taiwan by the Japanese era.
The rooms in the hall can enjoy the Tsao Mountain "Tower Mountain". The hotel provides a free transfer station transfer service, and the restaurant is recommended for a quality breakfast.
Free parking is available, about 5-10 minutes walk from Alishan Railway Station, and there are quite lively shopping streets nearby.

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